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What is your Old Mate passionate about?

If they're not in a club or group with other people who share that passion, then it's time to fix that!

In this crazy digital world we live in, the interwebz is an easy way to find like-minded people. Whether it's fishing, gaming, cars, music, sport, design, whatever - someone will share your Old Mate's passion! Now, not all Old Mates are super-techy, so helping them to find a great group might need your help.

If you and your Old Mate can't find a group that's right for you, then why not start one? This could be done the old fashioned way through mates and existing networks. Otherwise, once again, the internet's going to be your friend - and there are some helpful resources below.


  • MeetUp is a brilliant one stop shop to find events, social clubs, groups and hangouts around any theme.
  • If your Old Mate has significant mobility issues, then finding online groups and forums might be a better option. Obviously this requires some basic tech skills. If your Old Mate could use some upskilling, then check out our Digital Literacy activity.


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