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'I wish I still played [ insert instrument name ].'

We've all heard this before. You've probably said it yourself.

For some reason or another most of us stopped playing an instrument years ago, and as Jonathan Safran Foer said in his book, I am Here: 'We only get to keep the things we refuse to let go of'.

Chances are you probably have access to an instrument that's laying around not being used - be it a piano, guitar, ukulele or something else. Learning an instrument is great mental stimulation and a powerful creative outlet. Learning it together with your Old Mate helps to stay motivated and keep you both accountable.

With access to the internet, YouTube and apps, there is no shortage of tutorials. Of course, you could always consider formal lessons, too.


  • Take some time to consider your Old Mate's finger dexterity and any physical limitations before suggesting this as an activity or when choosing a particular instrument. Conditions like Arthritis may be challenging - especially for instruments like guitar.


  • Yousician is an app to learn Guitar, Piano, Bass or Ukulele.


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