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OMG, where do we even begin to start with why your Old Mate needs to dance!?

Strength, coordination, flexibility, social connection, increased mental health: Dance is the mac-daddy of wellness activities.

Whether it's salsa, ballroom, waltz, crumping, foxtrot, hip hop, swing or cha cha - you and your Old Mate are guaranteed to have a blast.

Dancing options are going to vary depending on your location and budget, but we'd recommend a beginner's class. Google is going to be your friend here.


  • Your Old Mate should always consult a doctor before undertaking any strenuous activity.


  • This is a great activity to combine with Old mate double date.
  • Do you really need any more inspiration than this Old Mate:


If you're a company who'd like to support this activity, please get in touch with us here.

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