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Outdoors. It's a pretty cool place.

It's not just Old Mates that need to get out of the house more often to feel the sun on their face and wind in their hair - it's all of us.

Going for a walk or hike in nature is a great stress reliever and helps to invigorate and energise. Obviously the style and length of the walk will depend on your Old Mate's physical ability, so we recommend you start slow and easy - the park is an easy testing ground.

As you both grow in stamina and ability, maybe look to longer walks or hikes with greater rewards like lookouts and waterfalls.

The length, challenge and type of walk you go on is going to be completely dependent on a range of personal factors, but we recommend thinking about paths or trails with lots of nature.


  • Your Old Mate should always consult a doctor before undertaking any strenuous activity.
  • Check the whether in advance and pack appropriately.
  • Ensure you and your Old Mate stay hydrated throughout the walk. (Snacks never go astray, either).
  • Make sure you have back-up transport or emergency options organised, just in case.


  • Google is going to be your best friend for finding local paths, tracks and trails.
  • This is a great activity to combine with a number of other #OLDMATE activities including Picnic, Photography or Old Mate Double Date.


If you're a company who'd like to support this activity, please get in touch with us here.

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