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Who doesn't love the movies?! That's why this activity is guaranteed to be a hit.

Whether it's a love story, car chase, political drama, or carefree comedy you're after - they're always better in the cinema.

This activity isn't rocket science: Get some tickets and popcorn and go enjoy yourselves! If you're looking to save money or to spice up your movie watching experience, check out our tips below:


  • There aren't too many drive-in theatres left in Australia - but the few that are, are awesome. They're cheap, they're retro and best of all, you can bring your own food. Google drive-ins in your area.
  • Most cinemas, even the big chains, have 'cheap' days so keep an eye out for specials.
  • Look for independent cinemas in your local area - they are often cheaper.
  • Many cinemas now play a range of movies - not just current blockbusters - including classics, international films and other niches. They might even be playing your Old Mate's favourite!
  • If it's summertime, a novel way to enjoy the movies are under the stars at a number of outdoor cinemas' that pop up - playing a great mix of new and old flicks.


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