Netflix & Actual Chill


Low-Key Leisure


Limited Mobility Friendly
Indoor Friendly
Long Activity
Cheap or Free


Sometimes you just feel like kicking back and having some down time. Spending time with your Old Mate doesn't always need to be an 'event' or elaborate plan. Simply hanging out and watching some telly can be just as meaningful and important.

Subscription services like Netflix or Stan are great options as you can watch what you want, when you want, and on a variety of devices. They are also relatively cheap and have no contracts. This means that if you want to do a movie marathon with your Old Mate, you don't have to 'wait until its on' like regular TV.

So, go make some popcorn, relax, and settle into some telly.

This activity is also great if your Old Mate has mobility problems.


  • Ask your Old Mate what their favourite shows or movies are.
  • Pick a TV series or movie with multiple installments or seasons - they're a great way to ensure you and your Old Mate continue to hang out together.


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