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People often don't realise that the least important part of fishing is actually the fishing.

Fishing is an activity of relaxation, being in nature, reflection and connection. Does that reel you in? Ok, that will be our last fishing pun, we promise. After all, we don't want this activity to seem too fishy.

Fishing is a great way to connect with your Old Mate. Sociologist Harry Brod noted in his work:

The side-by-side shoulder orientation is a way for men to seek intimacy. Numerous studies have established that men are more likely to define emotional closeness as working or playing side-by-side'.

Fishing is perfect for this, no?

Fishing does require some basic equipment, but if you don't have full rods and reels, that's not a problem - there are some cheaper alternatives, like hand reels which you can pick up for about 10 bucks.


  • Never fished before? Check out this beginner's guide.
  • Google Local Fishing Spots to get an idea of where to go
  • If you don't want to have to buy any equipment, then do a shout out on social media - you'd be surprised by the number of people you know with a rod or reel tucked away.
  • If you need any more inspiration to get out the tackle, then cast your mind back to January 30 when the following gumtree post by an elderly man looking for a new fishing partner went viral:


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