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This activity is really bloody simple: Grab something that takes photos and get snapping with your Old Mate.

Portraits, landscapes, action shots, whatever.

That said, you might want to have at least a bit of a plan going into it. Discuss with your Old Mate what they might want to take photos of, then think of an engaging way to do that. For example, if they have an interest in birds, brainstorm some good areas you might be able to take them to get the best shots.


  • Set mini-challenges for each other. Eg; Who can take the most portraits of different people in an hour? Challenges can also be set for in between when you see each other. For example: 'Take a photo of every sunrise from a different angle until you meet again'.
  • Here is a top-five list of tips to compose better photos.
  • Consider taking a photography class if you and your Old Mate want to improve your skills.


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