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Opera, musicals, ballet, plays, comedy, improv, ... * takes breath *

The list of spectacles you can see on stage is absolutely endless. Plus, there are always options to suit any budget. If you feel like splashing out on your Old Mate (and yourself), professional theatre productions are always guaranteed to impress - especially if you're in a bigger city. If you're looking for something cheaper, look for community and local troupes - we guarantee you'll be impressed with the quality of Aussie talent out there!

Tip: Get tickets to something completely different to the type of show you and your Old Mate would typically watch. You might love it - and if you both hate it, then you'll have lots to talk about!


  • TimeOut is not only a global guide to entertainment, art, film and food.
  • If you Google what's on in your town, you're guaranteed to be presented with a range of great options - even if you're in a small or rural town.
  • Ticketmaster is an especially handy one-stop-shop for tix if you're in a big city.


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